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Angina is also known as angina pectoris, but it’s not the same thing. Many people who have angina say that the pain is like squeezing, tightness, heaviness, or pain in the chest. It might feel like a big weight is on your chest. New pain that needs to be checked by a doctor, or pain that gets better with treatment. 

Angina is a common type of chest pain, but it can be hard to tell from other types of chest pain, like the pain caused by indigestion. The first thing to do if you have chest pain that you don’t know about is to go to the doctor.



Common signs and symptoms of angina 

Types of Anginas 

Angina can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Rest or medication can be used to alleviate symptoms, depending on what the cause is. 

Despite the use of a variety of drugs and lifestyle adjustments, angina attacks continue to occur if angina is refractory. 

Cardiology Clinic at Doral Health and Wellness wants to help people who have heart-related health problems get the help they need either for prevention or emergency cases. With state-of-the-art equipment and a great team of cardiologists and nurses, we offer non-invasive diagnostic tests that can help confirm the diagnosis of an underlying disease. These tests don’t require any surgery. As a heart health education and resource center, we give patients and their families the information they need to adapt to a new way of living. Our clinic also serves as a referral site for heart interventional therapy or surgery when it’s needed. Please call us at 347-868-1012. 


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